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Superior Machines Ltd. full product range. Click on a product to find out more.

Superior SM3000
Middleweight Series 3000

Superior SM6000
Middleweight Series 6000

Superior SM9000
Middleweight Series 9000

Superior Super10
Superheavyweight Series Super 10

Superior Super16
Superheavyweight Series Super16

Superior Super16 CS
Superheavyweight Series Super16 Contractors Special

Superior Super16 CXS
Superheavyweight Series Super16 Contractors Xtra Special

Superior Static Mills
Middleweight Series Static Mills

Superior Stockman 6000
Quick Mix Series Stockman 6000

Superior Stockman 9000
Quick Mix Series Stockman 9000

Super Maxum 22 CS – ‘Contractors Special’
The New Super Maxum 22 CS Contractors Special

Stockman Duplex 6
Stockman Duplex 6 now available, incorporating twin improved model 6000 mills for processing maize/pulses along with grain

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