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Superior Super16 CS
Superior Super16 CS

Superheavyweight Series Super16 Contractors Special

Standard equipment includes :

  • 48 ins x 16 ins dia precision balanced rollers.

  • 4 ins dia EN24T shafts with double row roller bearings

  • 3 tonne capacity loading hopper. 12ft x 8ft.

  • Heavy duty chain & flight discharge elevator with hydraulic positioning

  • Heavy duty chassis with 60mm unbraked undercarriage.

  • Extended chassis and U`trough discharge

  • IBC support stand and straps, & IBC.

  • Minimum 120 hp required at PTO

  • Up to 60 tonnes per hour crimping barley (35% mc)

  • Up to 40 tonnes per hour dry rolling barley (14½ % mc)

    Bruising & Crimping for all grains, peas, beans, lupins etc.

    Please contact us for a brochure

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