Grain Preservatives

We offer two mould inhibitors for use as an additive in the production of feed grains; ProSid™ MI 700 or traditional Propionic Acid.

ProSid™ MI 700 is a highly innovative, patented product designed to inhibit the growth of mould and yeasts whilst minimising the risk of mycotoxin formation. This product offers long lasting protection, evaporating at a slower rate when compared to traditional mould inhibitors. ProSid™ MI 700 is a blend of propionic acid, propionic acid glycerol esters, formic acid, glycerol and water and offers:


  • Maximum protection from all forms of moulds and yeasts

  • Preservation of nutritional value and taste

  • Reduction of mycotixin formation

  • Long lasting and effective protection

  • Safe and unique, non-ADR formula


Available in drum, IBC. 


Download a ProSid™ MI 700 brochure here.


Propionic Acid

Straight propionic acid is a simple and cost-effective way to preserve grain and possesses the following benefits:


  • Protects against mould, yeast and mycotixins

  • Keeps grain cool

  • High energy value – increase milk yield and liveweight gain


Available in drum, IBC and bulk.


For more information on either product, or to request a quote please contact us.

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